Black Pearl Dividends: The first dual P3D clone on ETC and ETH in Pirates style!



This was actually the first platform to launch on ETC and ETH side…
It has the most beautiful layout of all the clones… Not just a copy and paste with crazy sound effects!
Check it out yourself! <- ETC version <- ETH version


Sweet, nice update! Also you know Saturn Wallet can connect to ETH network also right? I mean I would think users would find it easier to just swap networks than having MetaMask installed also :wink:

I tested the dApp the other day and when Jack Sparrow started talking at first I thought a pesky ad was playing haha! Then I realized :ok_hand:


@samr Is it a candidate to be listed on the Saturn wallet App? :slight_smile:

I made the introduction page:

I left the link in your Telegram group.

Thank you