Black Pearl Dual Platform


#1 - Main website - Smart Contract

Hi everyone and welcome to the introducing topic of the Black Pearl Dual platform :slight_smile:

The Black Pearl platform was the very first one to launch an ETC dApp and ETH dApp on 1 website.
But in this topic i will explain the ETC dApp!

The Black Pearl ETC game is a clone of the original P3D ETH variant.
You buy Medallions (MEDA) on the ETC platform, you hold them and you earn a cut of the transaction fees (20% fee on buying and 10% fee on selling).
The amount of dividends you receive depends on how much MEDA you are holding, the more you are holding the bigger your cut will be.

What makes this game unique in my opinion is the theme we used.
Cool pirates of the caribbean theme with funny sound effects on the buttons, buys and sells.
Also we are planning to release additional games on ETC that will feed the ETC Medallion holders.

Screenshot! :slight_smile:

Black Pearl Dividends: The first dual P3D clone on ETC and ETH in Pirates style!
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Fun theme I will give you that :ok_hand:

What additional games are you working on? =)