Blockchain Games?!


I didn’t know that Blockchain games was a thing! I thought blockchain is just complicated IT stuff.


I think the most popular dApps are probably games! I believe games using blockchain for certain elements of their gameplay is definitely something that is going to boom, imagine you buy a rare expensive sword in some MMO but its actually a crypto collectible. This means that you will always have this item, no matter what happens to the game.

I am hopeful we will see more dApps & games being released on ETC, check out Stateofthedapps and look at some of the games on Ethereum if you are interested in seeing whats going on :slight_smile:


Be a great idea if Blizzard opened up it’s items inventory to the blockchain and allowing us old’schoolers to vendor off some hmm… dedicated rpg’ers our rare/out of game items and buy more crypto with it.


yeah they exist and really cool to play with crypto not complicated at all go and try these games
and first of all know more about blockchain i have found a platform after some struggle
you can also go and take some out of it


2 of the best Dapps ive found are Cryptomingwar and 0xUniverse, just made a post asking for other peoples opinions also. Dapps will either take off and eventually big company’s will start following suit (Blizzard would be a good shout) OR everything could fall to pieces as most people realise most Dapps are pyramid schemes and you cant get out more than is put in.