Buy Crypto News Articles BCNA Token



  • Name: Buy Crypto News Articles Token
  • Symbol: BCNA
  • Standard: ERC223
  • Total supply: 10 Million
  • Contract: 0x6A37eC2C49E2FB35F9c029128e996f46928dDecC
  • Website:
  • ICO: Began 24/12/2018 1ETC : 1 BCNA

BCNA is a pre-mined ERC223 token on the Ethereum Classic network. BCNA is the CDA (Cryptographic Digital Asset) used on the Buy Crypto News Articles website by writers, editors, publishers, and readers.

The project hopes to use the token with c-lightning Publisher as the ERC20 tokens become available with c-lightning. Implementation of c-lighting Publisher (with Bitcoin) is demonstrated at

ICO for BCNA began 24/12/2018 with up to 1.5 million tokens available in the first round of funding. Simply send ETC to the contract address from an ETC wallet such as Saturn or Trust and the BCNA tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet.


Welcome @blynker ! Always great to see new projects launching onto ETC :slight_smile: how is BCNA growing so far?

Good luck!