Callisto Mining


While the chain isn’t operational yet, it might be very profitable to get into the mining game early. For that, you need to configure your GPU miner to work with a Callisto Mining Pool. Luckily, epool has provided us with one.

Mining will be available when the blockchain launches. For now, to configure your mining operation, read instructions on


I’ve been trying to tell my friends, but people are kinda stubborn about CLO. I don’t mean to ask for advice, but I believe it’s a good idea to accumulate from now until the cold staking launch in November, then locking it away for a few months. Is that what you might plan on doing?
Today, I became a small DAO member(thanks to your help :slight_smile: ) and I really have some sentiment for CLO. Seems really nice. But i don’t have a mining rig… Maybe you could send me a link of some guidance for CLO specific setups?? Thanks for whatever you can tell me, Neuron!


If you are interesting in mining then I would suggest picking up a couple of GPUs and following a tutorial on putting together your own rig, a quick google of the GPUs model should tell you what sort of performance you can expect for mining. You could always start with some used hardware and see how you get along, we have quite an active group of ETC miners on our telegram chat so feel free to drop by if you run into any roadblocks!

About CLO, sure on paper it looks great to accumulate before the cold staking in November, but I would recommend not throwing all your eggs in the same basket. If they fail to deliver on this update for example then CLO suddenly does not look so great. I hope it turns out all fine but I have some concerns because a big part of their project is around providing security audits… and as of yet I believe they have not done any.

Still you can always start mining Ethereum Classic :wink:


Ok, Samr! I think i’m ready to do just that.(get a GPU rig going.) I apprecitae the heads up on that pool, and the RADEX videos. :sunglasses::+1: