Callisto Project explained


Callisto is a new Ethereum-based blockchain developed by the Ethereum Commonwealth team - one of Ethereum Classic's dev teams. They have previously brought us ERC223 token standard, ClassicEtherWallet - a wallet for Ethereum Classic tokens, DexNS - a DNS service for Ethereum Classic, among other projects.

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@Dexaran please feel free to add to this topic if I’ve missed anything important


Few questions:

  • It’s not clear if Ethereum Commonwealth team will continue working on ETC. Do you think ETC will be deprecated? What’s the future of ETC?

  • When will CLO be listed on exchanges?


@Dexaran, would you be able to weigh in on those questions?

In other news, an update on Callisto: the snapshot at block 5,500,000 has been taken! Please consult official Ethereum Commonwealth roadmap to find out about CLO launch date.