Callisto Project explained


Callisto is a new Ethereum-based blockchain developed by the Ethereum Commonwealth team - one of Ethereum Classic's dev teams. They have previously brought us ERC223 token standard, ClassicEtherWallet - a wallet for Ethereum Classic tokens, DexNS - a DNS service for Ethereum Classic, among other projects. At Ethereum Classic's block 5,500,000, or roughly around March 2nd, 2018, Ethereum Commonwealth team will snapshot the ETC blockchain, and CLO tokens (the native currency of Callisto blockchain) will be airdropped to the same addresses on the new blockchain. Meaning, if you had 10 ETC at block 5,500,000, you will be awarded 10 CLO when the Callisto launches.

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@Dexaran please feel free to add to this topic if I’ve missed anything important


Few questions:

  • It’s not clear if Ethereum Commonwealth team will continue working on ETC. Do you think ETC will be deprecated? What’s the future of ETC?

  • When will CLO be listed on exchanges?


@Dexaran, would you be able to weigh in on those questions?

In other news, an update on Callisto: the snapshot at block 5,500,000 has been taken! Please consult official Ethereum Commonwealth roadmap to find out about CLO launch date.