Cannot connect with Metamask

Hello, i have tried with different browsers, connected site, uninstall, reinstall and cookies deleted but still i can’t connect to my wallet in Saturn.
Please help.

Hey @easycoins if your using MetaMask, you will need to install their legacy web3 addon also:

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Thank you for the reply. I did that already and i can now connect to my wallet.
However if i cancel an order from orderbook i don’t get my coins reflected back in my wallet.
How is this possible?

Did the transaction confirm?

Yes, thank you for the reply. I guess it was a network failure.
I can see my wallet now in: but i have only a link to trade and not to send tokens outside Saturn.
In Metamask i see under my assets tokens 0 (zero) coins while in my Saturn wallet i see that are 100k.
How can i have my tokens back without trading on Saturn? Preferably without cancelling my buy or sell orders on the orderbook.

You might have to add Saturn token to your MetaMask as a custom token?