Can't cancel an order

How to cancel my order?

Under the Orders section:

Are you having a problem when clicking the red [X] ?

Yes, it doesn’t work when i click

Is it XAK token? Unfortunately, that token was built by the creator to be frozen so that they could do this scam.

If not, please advise what is your setup for using our platform: Mobile? Desktop? What Dapp browser? What browser?


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I use Dapp TrustWallet sir, so XAK is scammer?

Yep, if it is a XAK order there is nothing we can do, they created the token with a freezing mechanism intentionally. This way only the token creator can trade and Xamatek team manipulates the price.

Why dont you just cease the trading of that shitty token?

xak is not a scam, it’s just a tobol from a saturn that doesn’t work, I also experience when going to buy another token, the exchange button on the saturn network doesn’t work,
I contacted the admin on Facebook but it hasn’t been answered yet.
unfortunately there is no chat support

Hello @Radenkeparat don’t worry this is the correct place for support. In regards, to trading XAK token, the token creator is periodically locking and unlocking our DEX contract order book. This is why sometimes you can trade XAK without an issue and sometimes nothing happens. You can verify it easily on chain to see the token creator doing this so it is not really even up for discussion, what we need to know is why XAK is doing this and why they have not told their community.

We have reached out to their team and will give you an update as soon as possible.

In regards to a different token, well you have not provided me with any information to look into this for you. I can’t magically know what token or order you are trying to trade. Feel free to direct message me if you want to keep it private.


as a DEX we cannot delist tokens - it’s an open smart contract protocol that good and bad projects can use. Nothing on earth is perfect, and decentralization comes at a cost - need to do your own research.

Best we can do is warn people, which is why we started a thread on the forum explaining what happened + reached out to coingecko to post a scam message

I believe in one of the great SN information pieces on the benefits of a DAO, it was mentioned that, once SN is up and running as a fully functioning DAO, we could decide as a community to impose a 100% trading fee on a particular token that was being used exclusively for wash trading. Is this something that (at this point) the devs could do? I guess we’d want to be pretty sure that XAK was a scam and of course have the support of the community.

For myself, although I appreciate that SN sees itself as an antidote to the money-grubbing gatekeepers at coinmarketcap -and that there is no substitute for doing one’s own due diligence- I wouldn’t be opposed to imposing measures (if there are any viable ones) that minimized the chances of scammers listing their coins on SN, including a nominal listing fee.

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