Can't cancel my order

First try disabling all other extensions on your browser, and keep only one Dapp browser active. If you have multiple dapp browsers active they will interfere with each other.

If you are using MetaMask make sure our website has been approved in your connections settings, it should read as following: (any other format will not work).

Thanks for your report, we will investigate your order also and let you know.

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I still can’t cancel this order, I tried everything

Thanks have chased this with dev team for you. If you have not already, could you try on our old interface:

I cant cancel my order too!

@leviathan did the old website interface allow you to cancel it?


Have you tried above? Thanks!

How i could cancel it at old interface? I cant understand. Havent any buttons for it.

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I can’t find buttons to cancel too

Do you not see it under My Orders on the right?



i have no such button

Okay if it is not appearing then you are definitely not logged into your Dapp browser or the website is unable to detect any wallet. It could be you need to add the old website to your approved connections if you are on MetaMask? Alternatively it may be an ad blocker causing a problem, even an in-built one like Brave shield.

I did it, but I still can’t cancel order. It says PLEASE SUBMIT TRANSACTION

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I can’t cancel my order please help
‘Trust Wallet’

I click on the cancellation nothing happens

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Thanks for all the report and feedback. It seems to be a problem isolated to Xamatek token, our dev team is looking into this. Will update you all as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support

I tried it, but it doesnt work.

Sorry for the delay, had to read and dig through a lot of code to find out the real reason. If you own any XAK you must read this!

Is there a solution or are we scammed?

Unfortunately no solution we can provide, only Xamatek token creator can issue the unlock transaction. I tried to talk to them, but they banned me immediately from their telegram group. Which shows they planned this as a scam.