Can't cancel orders

Can’t cancel orders! Tried to cancel them but take about a day or two days, then fail

Hello, if this is orders on ETH it sounds like you may not be setting your gas price high enough?

Gas prices are very high right now due to increased overall network usage.

even with increased gas prices some orders are not going through. Just today I tried to buy saturn hodl and it asked for gas price of about $1.68 which I accepted and still did not go through. not sure what is happening?

I would need to check the transaction id to investigate further for you. Feel free to message me privately if you do not want everyone to see your wallet address. Alternatively, search the transaction id on and have a look. It may just be the gas price went up when you submitted, and now you are having to wait.

On Ethereum network gas prices have gone crazy high, at 60+ Gwei - so every operation, like sending ETH or ERC20 token, costs a lot of money in miner fees. Check current fee price on

On Ethereum classic network the optimal gas price is still 1 Gwei, and tx fee is under $0.01

thanks sam. I just saw your message. I will reach out privately. There are several transactions pending in my various wallets. so need to take time to put all details together and send it to you as one file.