Can't create order for HEX

I entered the trade price and amount but when I click the create order button nothing happens.

Which Dapp browser are you using? We are aware website’s frontend is not updating for Ethereum based trades / orders at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience. It is being investigated, thanks!

I was using Chrome with MetaMask which worked until a couple days ago. Do we need to use a special Dapp browser?

No that should be fine, we were having an issue earlier but this has now been fixed - maybe try again?

Have you done the following before trading?

MetaMask popup works now but I’m getting an error message.

“ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.”

I confirm anyway, then transaction fails.

I found out the error only occurs when I try and create a sell order for less than 0.000001 ETH per token

Yes, we do not really see much point in trading tokens at a price that would mean you are paying more in network fees than for the tokens. Would you want to trade at a lower price?

Which UI are you using, is it the main website? Usually, there is a message that appears in red to advise during the order creation process. Could you advise the amount of tokens and price you are trying to set, then I can try to do the same on my side - thanks!

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I was trying to set the price at 0.0000009 ETH to be a little closer to the average market price, currently 0.00000056 ETH. A total amount of 100,000 HEX. I am using the main website, yes.

Hello @stinger07 sorry for the delay, this should now be resolved for you as platform can now support pricing up to 18 decimals. If you would like to try and make an order and let me know that would be great :slight_smile: