Chrome manual install



I’ve been made aware that in some countries, Google and therefore the chrome store is blocked. Here you will find the files necessary to manually install our extension. Please note that if you do a manual installation it will not auto-update when we release a new version, but we will keep the files here updated.


  1. Download (5.9 MB) and unzip all the files to a new folder.

  2. In chrome type chrome://extensions in the URL bar, the top right you will see “Developer mode” make sure it is turned on.

  3. Once developer mode is turned on you will see “Load unpacked” under the search extensions box.

  4. Select the folder where you unzipped Saturn Wallet too and click “Ok.”

  5. Our main website will open and you will see our icon in the top right once Saturn Wallet is installed.

  6. Make sure you disable MetaMask / ClassicMask, or Saturn Wallet will not work correctly.

If you need any help using Saturn Wallet, please check our user manual:


Updated the download to version 1.0.7, if you are installing manually then this will not update the previous version it will install as a separate extension. So you will need to restore your account using the seed phrase, make sure you have everything backed up before removing the older version!