Coin Cap Listings


I already know Saturn is on the hunt for Coin Cap Listing sites as per what Sam has said in the AMA today. :mag:


I made a chart for myself last week and it might not be up to date today or tomorrow but it was what ranked the sites when I took note of them. Not in any specific order but it shows some of the top coin listing sites I took note of, all showing global rank and any other country ranks they may rank strong towards.

The link above should be editable if anyone wants to add to it. Since this is a feature request section, my request would be to work on these top sites. :smiley: Though this thread was made to mostly share my findings with the whole forum.


I believe I have contacted most of these websites, I will chase them up again and find out what is going on. Unfortunately some of them do have volume requirements, which we have not reached yet.

If anyone has any direct contacts for any of these sites, feel free to put us in touch or direct them to which should be everything they need to start tracking any tokens on Saturn Network :slight_smile: