Coinmama no longer sells ETC directly



Coinmama was my preferred site to buy ETC directly, I never had any issue with them but now you can no longer purchase Ethereum Classic from them.

Any other suggestions where to get my ETC from with a credit card now ?



If you still want to use Coinmama with your credit card it may just be a case of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin and then exchanging it for ETC via an instant exchanger like Changelly, Shapeshift or Changer.

Guess it depends on your location though if you really want to continue buying ETC with fiat, probably Coinbase for USD and Kraken for EUR?


if you dont care about KYC: ( Maintenance right now)


thanks for the replies guys


If enough of us write them and ask them to make ETC available again maybe they will bring it back. They are small enough to care still about what their users think… We each would need to send a similar styled letter respectfully asking them to bring ETC back. I need it also and they are my preferred method to buy ETH and BTC and Ripple. I can’t believe how cheap litecoin is also. If anyone is savvy at writing a letter that gets results please share… I will write them one now and ask for ETC to be allowed again. There are not many places left selling it direct for fiat. They could have the lions share of the market for sure.


You can leave them a message. Here is mine:

As you know I am a huge fan of Coinmama. I have been sharing my great experience on our platform (, twitter, facebook, and various other community forums where we are making great strides at getting people to make the switch… I’m excited to use your platform.

I do have one request that would specifically help our community at the Saturn.Network. Would you bring back ETC purchases? It would greatly help us allow many of our newer users an easy, safe on boarding if they could purchase from somewhere trusted like Coinmama. Thank you for your consideration.


They got back to me already…

"Regarding ETC, I know we have a dedicated team working on making that happen soon. Even though we cannot offer you an ETA, I can assure you we are working hard on being able to offer it back to you! "

ETC is coming back to Coinmama soon!


Nice that is good to hear @Stish making things happen! They may just be reviewing their process for selling ETC in light of the 51% attack and re-orgs that happened.