Contract 0xd2F7A3CbCC4aa43de3Cd23F19bd5D9ce4524E135



why don’t i see saturn token tranfer to the wallet.the wallet had sended to
Contract 0xd2F7A3CbCC4aa43de3Cd23F19bd5D9ce4524E135

Contract 0xd2f7a3cbcc4aa43de3cd23f19bd5d9ce4524e135 .why your contract don’t appear on
i see your Contract 0xd2f7a3cbcc4aa43de3cd23f19bd5d9ce4524e135 .it is scam. that correct


You have used our HODL dApp to buy Saturn tokens via our Strategic Investor Program. This means you agreed for your tokens to be locked up, from the screenshot you provided we can see mediumBuy() so this means you selected the 25% bonus with a 24 weeks lock-up plan.

If you want to check your investment you can do it here: just make sure you are logged into the wallet you used with our dApp. It will tell you what date your tokens will be unlocked at, then you will just have to return to the page and click redeem.

Remember not to lose your wallet, because you signed a smart contract with it to lock up your tokens, it is the only way to receive your tokens when you reach the redeem date. If you lose your wallet then you will not be able to redeem!