CoronaCoin (NCOV) have deployed a new token contract address

We have been contacted by a CoronaCoin (NCOV) team member regarding the project being forked and a new token being deployed today.

All of their social media channels attached to their listing have issued the same announcement. However, please do your own research if you are an NCOV holder and make your own decision. The new token is already listed on the exchange and can be found trading here:

This post appears to provide a decent summary of what has happened, though note it is unofficial:

It appears one of the head developers dumped their RedCross donation wallet without consent and exit scammed. I have reached out to their remaining development team (who have taken charge of this fork) and asked if they could post in this thread to clarify to trader’s what is going on.



made my day. :joy: thanks.


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Hey @NCOVog afaik the older token is not being maintained at all, it will cause more confusion imo, does the original token have any team behind it?

edit: sorry, are you saying can’t see your open orders anymore?


Hi there,

It should be noted that the Fork of the original NCOV also suffered an exit scam and that we are only concerned with the original NCOV since the price is affordable to adopt major stakes and we will continue to burn tokens from the market as outlined at the website


Request Form Submitted

Okay, updated. Seems like everyday there is a new CoronaCoin fork :sweat_smile:

website to

NCOV Twitter:

@Original NCOV investors: We are attempting a token continuation through a decentralized effort. Tokens will be burned April 15.


Awesome work @Sam. We now have a functional NCOV community that is growing and thriving. thanks again. Lastly, can you remove the red warning at the top of the page for NCOV since it was actually the nCoV people that created the fork that were scammers…so it seems the original NCOV, (while the majority of tokens is not under community control), it is being governed and developed with that fact in mind, and can continue because of the large enough holdings and tokens on market from purchases before the scam, making it liquid enough to survive, so please remove the Fork warning from NCOV if possible.

Hopefully once this is up and running, we can start delving into Sat20, as it looks really cool and innovative.
Here is the permalink invite:

please update records.


okay updated!

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Here is an airdrop link:

We have recovered communication channels on this project and no longer need the warning at the top of the NCOV page. Can you remove the warning and link to the thread as it is hurting our recovery efforts.

We understand the main dev team still holds majority of tokens, but we are working slowly to acquire them via Saturn markets, and have also made requests to update coingecko and other sites with our new brand recovery.

Our next burn date is April 22, and it would be nice to have the warning removed before then since this is the original NCOV and it should be maintained.

Thank you very much from all of us for helping us recover this project.

@sam – can you add the Telegram channel to the page:

On April 15, we had our first market burn of NCOV, and have our next market burn on the 22 of April. A group of early investors have banded together to revive the project and we want to do an airdrop of the coins we buy from the market but are unable to use the tool. Is there an address we can send the burnt NCOV to so that you can disperse to the trading community?

Also, since we have recovered the project and are marketing it, is it possible to remove the warning text at the top of the NCOV page?

Much obliged.