Create ERC20 token


I’ve been searching around for a way to create an ERC-20 token. I’ve tried the Rinkeby testnet way, and i’ve tried Ropsten testnet, but no luck. The guides I followed seem outdated when using Remix. Please, someone post a link on the information i’m looking for? Thank you in advance.


this is still the best guide out there


Thank you, Neuron! Is there a link on creating ERC-20 though? I’d like to create both ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens. I’ll browse the site for an ERC-20 guide.


Not from us, you’ll have to find the code for ERC20 elsewhere (check the link for some inspiration). You can pretty much use the same tools as outlined in our guide, just replace the code with your own.


I got ya. Just need an up to date guide to follow. Thank you for your time, @Neuron


I suggest the Ethereum Token Development Company ICOCLONE who offers the services to create an ERC20 Token , as well as STO development, Pre ICO launch services, etc…

If you need more details, Ping in Telegram: coinzclone or WhatsApp: 9500575285