Created a new token


I have Created New Token Under Satrun.Network on ETC i want Know Some Points

  1. After Craete My Successful ETC Contract Or Created Token On ETC with page Link help How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic

My Token Goes in Pending Stage and also showing me 0 Token After adding in my account ?

  1. How to add Logo Symbol on Created Token?

  2. How connect this contract with my website like API or Code Shifting or Paste ?

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Hi @Jitender sorry we missed your message! It’s better to create a new topic than replying to a category description :wink:

Were you able to successfully deploy your token? Let me know, glad to help but will probably need some screenshots if anything is going wrong.

Regarding a logo, first you need to create one & then it just depends on where you would like it added. For your token’s logo to appear in Saturn Wallet for example you can follow these steps:

Not really sure what you mean about the last question, but if you are looking to create a dApp to interact with your token then you will need to start by learning Solidity and then for frontend development something like web3.

Good luck!