Creating a Token (more in-depth)


@Neuron - tagged you because you drafted the “how to” so am hoping for a guide or even a link (advice too!)

I understand how to create a token via the fantastic guide under the education catergory - however I would like to know more on how to create the method of the token - I.e. how to edit or design what the token does and it’s engine.

Is there any way I can pm you so I can be more specific?

Appreciate any help/advice.


Great to hear Neuron’s guide has inspired you to learn more :slight_smile:

The first step will be to learn Solidity, because if you want to add features to your token’s smart contract well you will need to know how to program in the logic. Here are some resources you can check:

Or if you prefer video, there are many courses on youtube. Hope that helps!


You can also look at source code of BCT and ONEX tokens on ETC, as those have a fair bit of customization on them, things like mining and staking are implemented as smart contract methods


Perfect - as stated by @sam on another forum as well as here, I’ll have a look at some of those links and get familiar with them

Same for @Neuron will also research the source code of those tokens.

Just for the spirit of creating a token with smart contracts implemented I would ideally like to be liasing with a like minded person who may want to join forces and give my idea a go (@sam already read the basic draft of the idea) PM me if you are interested

Will be cracking on with the research in solidity and smart contracts


Glad to have you here! Make sure you stick around, as we will be releasing a lot of devtools this year for trading bots and for making new tokens and smart contracts