Crypto News: Telegram Gram Token ICO in the exclusive Public Sale on Liquid


Crypto News: Telegram Gram Token ICO in the exclusive Public Sale on Liquid


Thursday, 13.06.2019

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There is news in the world of Telegram. Specifically, it is about their token GRAM, which will be the official token of TON Blockchain . We recall: Actually, Telegram had planned to make a 50/50 public-private sale of GRAM tokens for the TON platform. But this was canceled. The reasons given were, apart from the bad market situation and legal concerns, above all the lack of necessity. Because according to own data the Telegram Group Inc. could collect considerable 1.7 billion dollar from only 200 private investors.

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GRAM tokens will be available exclusively through Liquid Exchange

Back to the Present: Gram Asia, a private holder of a large number of Telegram GRAM tokens, has entered into an ‘exclusive’ agreement with the Japan-based Liquid Exchange Platform to resell an indefinite number of tokens to the public. This announcement was made on the official blog of Liquid . It is the first public sale of GRAM tokens. It should begin at the beginning of July, whereas the official launch of the token should take place at the end of October at the earliest.

Mike Kayamori, CEO of Liquid Exchange announced this surprise on Twitter.

Mike [email protected]

Today we have something special to share. Liquid will host the $Gram Token Sale. For most traders, this will be the first chance to buy the long-awaited Gram token. Plus, our $QASH holders will benefit from exclusive rebates on their purchases. Get ready. …


16:00 - 11. Juni 2019

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Gran Token Sale on Liquid

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The idea of ​​telegram in this context is to build a blockchain layer on its existing messaging app. Technical details and implementation aspects are described in the whitepaper . The final version will finally go live in the third quarter of this year.

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GRAM Public Sale will take place in four phases

The Liquid trading platform is set to start selling the tokens next month. In my opinion, however, there are some critical aspects in advance. So it is critical that the users can only lift their GRAM tokens or act when the platform goes into operation - that would be at the end of October this year.

More critical than this, however, is the aspect that the agreement to offer GRAM tokens through a public sale was not made directly between the Telegram Foundation and Liquid. As already mentioned above, the agreement only exists between Gram Asia and the Liquid Exchange. In addition, there will be not just a public sale, but a staggering in four phase. This is how the release of all GRAM tokens should take place over a period of 18 months.


Another notable caveat is that customers in the US, Canada, Japan, and a number of other countries are not allowed to buy GRAM tokens on Liquid.

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QASH tokens and Liquid Exchange as profiteers

The partnership between Gram Asia and the Liquid Exchange is surprising in that it is more of a small player. After another round of financing a few months ago, the company was estimated at a value of one billion US dollars. But at the moment, according to, the stock market only processed a modest daily trading volume of $ 144 million - about one-tenth of Binance’s trading volume.

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In addition, the value of your own QASH token will also benefit. Owners of the proprietary token will apparently also receive discounts if they use it to buy GRAMs. The QASH token has experienced a strong price hike since the announcement and has risen by about 20% between the news and the time of writing.