Crypto regulatory arbitrage, the new brain drain?


I though Spagni raised some interesting points concerning relocation due to crypto regulations, and that businesses, individuals and families will start to move to countries were they can pursue their innovating ideas in the crypto industry without having to fear being stifled by poorly managed regulations.

When you hear the term brain drain most people refer to highly trained individuals moving to developed countries where due to their training they should be able to achieve a higher level of living. But in crypto this could be the complete opposite as many of the developed countries have a lot of red tape, especially, when it comes to creating decentralized tools for finance.

Malta is a great example, sure it is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, but before it decided to remodel itself into “Blockchain Island” was it really such a desirable location to move your business headquarters too? Probably not so much.

It will be interesting to see which countries decide to pursue this avenue of being very crypto friendly as a way to attract investment.

Has anyone thought of relocating due to crypto?