Crypto trading bots


One can argue about whether there is a practical use for cryptocurrencies all day long. What you can't argue about is that cryptocurrencies have completely revolutionized trading. In the era of smartphones, twitter, messengers, and internet connected toasters it is unreasonable to ask people to stop trading for national holidays or have the exchange open 9 to 5. People want to trade 24/7 and say what you want, but cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay if only for this reason.

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I’ll start with a little background.
Not so long ago I read an article from the developer of trade bots, where he shared his trading experience. The article tells that he started like everyone else - without experience and with great desire. So after numerous attempts and getting the first experience, he noticed that very often the “most important” transaction took place when he was not at the computer. That’s how he started his way of creating a trading bot…

You know, I tried trading bot after a year and a half since I started trading cryptocurrency and I want to agree with the main tips in this article.

  1. What kind of trader are you?

  2. Market Psychology is extremely powerful.

  3. Always calculate a coin’s price.

  4. Beware of Twitter, your best friend and worst enemy.

  5. Never trade alone.

Adherence to these rules allowed me to profit from the use of automated bot and experience the benefits of intelligent use of automated processes.
I advise everyone to try a trading bot, at least try a training account - it will be an interesting experience!