CryptoETF - open source project


This project is just something I want to share with you guys here. It is not owned by me but I am really happy I bumped into it and enjoy working on it. It still needs a lot of work before it can be considered a full scale trading bot, but right now it’s a great tool in portfolio management.

Anyway CryptoETF is a program written in Node.js and is designed to make it easy to check your coin balances across multiple exchanges and wallet addresses. It can then calculate how much of each coin is needed to buy and/or sell in order to maintain a certain allocation—which can be based on either market cap or a manual setting.

I use it to get a full overview of my coins and it helps me understand how and where they are distributed. All that’s needed for this is entering wallet addresses and API keys in the local settings file!

More advanced features such as automatic rebalancing and keeping track of profit/loss are not present yet but CryptoETF provides a great platform to build such features on.


Nice readme full of referral links! A cool project indeed, useful in wild markets where you want to keep a certain allocation with respect to USD/EUR/BTC, and reinvest gains from moon’ed coins into those that didn’t grow yet.