Cryptopop POPCOIN


Token Name


An inter app currency for mobile games. See the first game using it here Cryptopop


Welcome! Great to see a new token being announced and listed on the exchange, if you would like POPCOIN’s token logo to appear on our dashboards please follow the steps on our Github:

If you need any help, let me know!


I’ve now done Step-1 to Step-4 .

How do i “Create pull request”?

Also can my Token name be slightly different from the token name on the orderbook first created? “PopCoin” vs “CryptoPopCoin”


don’t worry i figured it out how to do the pull request. thank you


Great @cryptopop ! PopCoin logo is now being displayed on the exchange. Also have announced your listing on our twitter, do you not have a twitter account? You should definitely get one :slight_smile: