CryptoTomatoes - idle ETC dApp game!



This idle ETC game is a funny little dApp on Ethereum Classic. First you buy seeds, then grow tomatoes and then you can produce your own seeds to turn into more tomatoes or sell. Not amazing ETC dApp but its cool to see Saturn Wallet being promoted so I thought I would let you guys know!


I’ve tried it out and though everything works correctly & I was able to sell my seeds initially for some profit, now it looks like there are too many seeds in play! Not sure how these things work, I would suggest some random variables for the game - maybe a disease can kill off % seeds randomly?


I’ve also tried this ETC dApp a bit also so it definitely works, yeah it could do with some more features! I will try tweeting their twitter this thread. Maybe the developer will come and discuss :slight_smile:


You are right though, now there are billions of seeds? Looks like value is very very low! Maybe there should be caterpillar or weather to destroy garden?


ooooh great. hopefully we dont crash like ByzantiumCryptoKitties muhahaha


haha funny, but i have also a very critical word: its not https.:tired_face::tired_face:


They have now updated to have five different options, five different smart contracts for different amounts of ETC… so it is like there is 5 different games running.

Not sure if this solves anything, don’t think there is enough users for five separate games. Still think some more options will create some hype, we need caterpillars!


Hey, BigbrotherSaturn! This app has got me crazy for tomatoes! I can’t believe so few are running the app… I discovered it a couple days ago. Is there a decent tutorial somewhere, or can you help me? It seems as if we can use multiple addresses to gain more seeds and tomatoes, and maybe we can use the referral type of link to gain extra seeds/tomatoes for our main CryptoTomato wallet address… Do you know if the network accepts this idea…?
Also, am I doing the right thing if I use the user’s square box and line up the red line with the angles of the newly created block? I’ve never mined for crypto, so I am thinking this is somewhat similar?? Any and all info would be great! Thanks ahead of time!


Also, here is where i’m at…just starting, pretty much. I sold some tomatoes and earned 1 ETC, so that’s profit and enough extra to experiment just a little. I don’t have a screenshot, I don’t think, but I was watching the little interface, on the CT website as it was running, and there was a point to where it said,
“Sell infinity seeds for XX price.” It literally said infinity and also said some weird price. It seems like we can increase the difficulty of the interface window in order to make the seeds worth more…
Does anyone know what this is about, or am I looking at this wrong, maybe? Would you guys know any other profitable apps out there? I’ve recently stopped day trading my ETC and i’d like to hold now, but I’d really like to earn more ETC somehow… Please and thank for any advice, guys and gals. -LasVegas



Errrr…it works off of the principles of supply/demand…?
I thought I could skip the buying of seeds, but maybe the player needs to use all the functions in the game to keep a healthy balance… I’m not sure if your seeds effect the price of mine or someone else’s either.


Yes, from my understanding these games work off the principle of supply and demand. If new players keep turning up, then you have the possibility to make a profit, if not then you are going to get stuck. Games on ETC are quite new so cryptotomatoes could still grow.

Check out p3c, I think it is much more active.


Oh yeah, I was looking at P3C because of this thread, and will get into it when I have more time to manage the funds n what not. Meanwhile, the ETC market is looking up! Thank you for the heads up on P3C too. Have a good one!