cUSD Currency (cUSD) token is incompatible with Saturn Protocol

Following reports from traders facing issues to trade cUSD Currency (cUSD) token, we can confirm this token is incompatible with Saturn Protocol. You will now find a warning message on top of this token’s order book.

We recommend you do not make any attempts to create orders or execute trades, as due to limitations with ERC20 design, it may result in the permanent loss of your funds. While 99% of existing tokens are compatible with the exchange protocol, our self listing guide advises projects of the following:

Now Test your market before announcing your listing to your community:

  • create a buy and sell order.
  • test buying and selling tokens.
  • test canceling open orders.

With the interest of avoiding these sorts of issues. I appreciate this is frustrating and we are sorry for any traders who have been affected. We will reach out to cUSD to advise them of the issue, that they can inform their community.