DailyDivs.com - First ETC Staking Dapp Platform



DailyDivs.com is an innovative series of Ethereum Classic and Ethereum Dapp platform that rewards users for the participation. We have been live and consistently growing for 2 months, with a vibrant community and an awesome development team. Implementing ETC has been awesome thus far and we definitely hope to see our Dapp listed in Saturn Wallet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/KZ5hcrh

Saturn Wallet v1.0.13 changelog

@samr We would love to have our app listed on Saturn Wallet.


This is a great Dapp. Love the staking and exchange experience the platform offers.


It is a wonderful dapp and had no issues with the platform. Would like to recommend it to everyone. Please put it on Saturn. Thanks.


A force to be reckoned with! A Dapp well deserving of a place in the Saturn Wallet listingšŸ˜‰


Cool! Great to see more dApps being deployed on ETC, to list DailyDivs in Saturn Wallet we will also need a logo 200x200 and it needs a transparent background so .PNG, thanks!


Where do I send the logo?


Listed in Saturn Wallet 1.0.13