Dan from UniversalCoin

Hi all

It’s about time I come and introduce myself on here. It’s a platform that I’m really excited about as growing in the ETC space and one I hope to work together with going forwards.

Some of you may be aware of UniversalCoin and some of the challenges that we have faced. I’ve been part of the admin team since almost the very beginning and took the helm to lead the project a few months ago.

Very happy to go into the details of what happened and how we got to this point if Saturn users are interested but I thought it important I drop by here and say hello.

At the moment the new team are bringing all systems back online and improving on what we find. Our website remains at the same address (https://universalcoin.io/) but has a new look and features. Our main community chat remains in the same place on Telegram as well -> https://t.me/Universal_Coin

A few of you might be aware that listing the token on Saturn has proved impossible thus far due to the structure of the smart contract. Having reviewed it I believe I know why and would welcome a discussion with the Saturn Devs to confirm so that we can look to take a step forward, bring our project back to life and bring a number of new users to this platform and ours.

Look forward to working together going forwards and refreshing UniversalCoin on the Saturn Platform soon.



That is good to hear @Dan_UniversalCoin and welcome!

So you are planning to create a new token then to fix the smart contract?


If it is needed then 100% we will. We want our users to be able to access this platform.

Who am I best to open a discussion with to check if my suspicions on the way the UNV contract is interacting with the Saturn DEX contract are correct?


Feel free to DM you questions or post them here.

Old UNV contract is 100% incompatible with any smart contracts, not just Saturn. It’s neither ERC20 nor ERC223, some weird homegrown standard.

If you want help with making a compatible token and airdropping it to UNV holders - https://forms.gle/QjtUYcbttCeyUfK48


Thanks - I will DM you.

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