Dapp Dev Kit Pre-Release: How to earn $1,500 on Gitcoin bounties

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Here we look at why the Goerli and Kotti testnets on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are important:

And then @Neuron decided to take up one of ETC Labs’ smart contract bounty to test our upcoming Dapp Dev Kit, the outcome? Well I will let you read his own words :wink:

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haha :facepunch:


This is just one reason that the Saturn.Network stands above the other exchanges, their Dev Team listens to the feedback from its members and answers questions quickly and explains things so a beginner can understand. There are many other reasons the Saturn.Network is my favorite exchange but the people, from the Dev Team to the token creators and down to the members is what does it for me. And NO I am not a paid spokesman. #Stradog