DappDirect.net : The first Open-Source Dapp Explorer for Ethereum Classic



Officially announcing the launch of Dappdirect.net, an open-source index of Dapps in the Ethereum Classic Ecosystem. This project aims to make it easy to find new projects, rank them based on analytics, and verify their safety based on community security audits.


  • Completely open-source frontend, working on open-sourcing server-side code.
  • Submit new dapps by submitting a change to a JSON file, the server will pull new stats automatically.
  • Currently you can track the global balance of all dapps in the space, and track individual Dapp balances (24 hr volume is coming!)
  • Verify if a Dapp has been audited by the Callisto Security Team.
  • Quickly get the contact information for each project.

Check it out!


Great job, looks really nice! This was something Ethereum Classic has been sorely lacking.

@bungalogic @DorsetJack @etcguy @FlyingDman

Be sure to get your dApps listed! Also @Magistocrat we would love to hear about your experience of getting p3c audited by Callisto? Maybe you could write something up about it?