Decentralize Currency Assets (DCA)

Token Name: Decentralize Currency Assets

  • Symbol: DCA
  • Contract: 0xa6281838f4a9c5736b2aa1cba9260d3f879623ca
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Website:
  • Is this an Initial Exchange Offering? NO

DCA is a community driven project and is designed for long term. Our programs are awesome and all transactions are transparent to all investors, holders and members.

DCA currently traded on Etherflyer, catex, EXNCE, QuantaEX, McAfeeDEX and our exchange partner having DCA pair Trexexchange.

DCA utility token: Created October 07 - 2018
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DCA, A great Project! Join here for the Opportunities of Bartering and Holding System and earn Rewards :trophy::tada::tada:
t. me DCACommunity


DCA congrats for one year anniversary
You have bright future Infront of you


One of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in recent years. A very promising token with the prospects for a stable growth rate. I recommend everyone to invest in it, as I did recently.

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DCA community is rocking and #DCA rocks​:+1::+1:


Decentralize Currency Asset

It is indeed a Great Project.
It has Friendly and Approachable Community.
It has Holding Competition wherein you can earn rewards. I personally received my rewards already and will be receiving again😊
It has Bartering System that no one else have, which I am always bartering my DCA token to XDCA token.
Listed in many exchanges and markets.
Wanna know more of what I am talking to?
Join our telegram group and see for yourself.

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DCA is really great project their main goals is to connect the traditional bartering and the new way of bartering. DCA is a utility Token of DECENTRALIZE CURRENCY ASSET (DCA) This token use for token creation and bartering system.

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