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Hello Libercoin, I can get it verified for you if that is all the correct info that is in the bytecode.

Best regards
IabcDigitals BitUnits


Great once it’s done post your ETC address and I will send you 500,000 Libercoin. This is exactly the kind of thing the 150 million coin marketing/development fund was for.


the info does not match the bytecode. you need the original contract code or you need to redeploy the smart contract.


try it with just one pragma solidity ^0.4.24; instead of two, that is the exact code not sure if the compiler removed the extra declaration. Is it possible to extract the code from the bytecode itself I might have added a space somewhere or something but that is the right code.


was it compiled on this version----> Compiler Version: v0.4.24+commit.e67f0147



v0.4.24+commit.e67f0147 yes


Yeah I tried again.


Just redeploy it, you only have 5 transactions. only used a few cents.


Just make sure to copy the code you use and save it.


is there a way to extract the code from bytecode that is the right code it must be a space or something


unfortunately, not to my knowledge. Sorry!
look at mine to see the format of the code.


Ok I did it



you can send my libercoin here: 0xf95bA76bdac8feaC44FD685514bC74BaBE9723e1




So I do not need to redeploy? What is your etc address?


No, you don’t I figured it out!

you can send my libercoin here: 0xf95bA76bdac8feaC44FD685514bC74BaBE9723e1


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