Development Roadmap



6. Development Roadmap

Date Milestone Details
March’18 Released Whitepaper Saturn Network whitepaper was released, our vision for the future of cryptocurrency.
April’18 Strategic Investor Program Our innovative pre-sale dApp was launched onto Radex, starting our crowdsale.
May’18 Main ICO SATURN token main ICO started.
June’18 Increase Marketing Following our fundraising goal article, we executed our marketing plan.
July’18 Saturn Wallet Developed web3 blockchain browser to interact with dApps on ETH & ETC. Allowing Radex to be deployed on ETC.
August’18 Assess Development Plan With the end of our crowdsale, we will reassess our roadmap to ensure delivery.
September’18 Radex Upgrades Radex API will be launched allowing market-making trading bots & Radex on mobile.
October’18 Airdrop SATURN Classic SATURN Classic will be airdropped to token holders. Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will be in testnet.
November’18 Security Audit Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will go through rigorous security audits.
December’18 Saturn Network Live Saturn Protocol & Saturn DAO will go live on Ethereum blockchain.
Q1’19 Ecosystem Improvements Saturn Protocol trade explorer; Tools for bot writers; Decentralized money management, Decentralized ETFs tradable on Saturn Protocol.
Q2’19 Decentralized Marketplace Trading bots for decentralized money management; Trading bot marketplace.
Q4’19 Saturn Commerce Token payment system for merchants.

Saturn Network Whitepaper v1.2
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