Development team structure


Please find our development team structure on the main website:

Why has the core development team decided to be anonymous?

We understand that in this day and age it is hard to back projects that do not stamp their face on their product. Yet we feel this is the wrong approach and fundamentally goes against what we are trying to achieve. We want you to judge us on what we create and not by how we look or who we know.

Remember that we are creating a protocol that is a DAO, once this is started it cannot be stopped - there is no OFF switch for the Saturn Network.

Everyone who has invested will be part of the team, we will all be able to vote and make decisions on the future together. A future that we have already shown is going to be bright. We want to highlight that everyone can be part of our vision no matter what part of the world you may live in. In the interest of transparency, we will be making founder addresses public information so the community will be able to monitor us and hold us accountable for any actions.

Our core development team has elected to remain anonymous, we feel this shows that we are committed to keeping traders on Radex and participants of the DAO anonymous also. We understand this may raise concerns but we feel it shows that we are not here to mine your data and sell it on to political organizations.