Digital Money Bits. DMB


Digital Money Bits

The website is realy bad and this coin was abandoned for a long time. But now i saw some new people want to fork this coin and grow new community. I found lots of these coins on my wallet but still they cost nothing. Huge potential in this coin but only if somebody can fix their wallet is not working. What do you think about it? If somebody can help to fix it?

last message from bitcointalk was:


I found this coin on coinmarket cap and it looks like this coin has a lot of potential. I am a communication specialist and Graphic Designer. I am willing to write a whitepaper + roadmap and I am willing to create a new website. Because the current one lacks a lot of information.

I just created a discord channel called Digital Money Bits (DMB)

You are all welcome to join and give suggestions.

Johnantony please be welcome to join the channel and suggest your wallet programmer.

Kind regards,


If the wallet doesn’t work I’d say the project is dead. Is there anybody in DMB’s discord? Are they trading on any exchange?


Yes this token is on CoinExchange. And somebody started to buy it little buy little. Yes this discord is new. They describe the plan of hard fork and building new comunity, because old developers dissapeard. So I think maybe everything is not so hopeless.


that’s the good thing about crypto. If, say, Discord’s dev team disappears the whole project is dead. If a cryptocoin’s developers disappear someone else can just hard fork it and the project keeps on living!