Do you like cheaters?


This entry for Saturn DAO logo contest, currently in first place, is getting votes from freshly created accounts. Pranjul and Matthew_Root are brand new “dummy” accounts. They should be disqualified because it’s obvious they are cheating. It’s not like some honest person is going to create a new account just to vote for their favorite entry. Don’t be mad if all of a sudden my entry gets 500 votes in an hour by brand new accounts with 2 minutes of read time each, and zero likes and zero history. I’m not going to do that, but someone should stop that cheater in first place.cheater Everyone who took the time to enter this contest should shame that person and they should be disqualified. It’s obvious. Plus, the developers of Saturn could go back and look at the IP address of the dummy accounts that were created. They could match those IPs to the IP of @zeebo if Zeebo doesn’t mask/change their IP regularly… Sorry Zeebo, but I will not be quiet about this.


I didn’t make any fake accounts. I would love to see your proof that shows I am cheating? Please check IP address of @Mathew_Root and @pranjul and @zeebo.


@Neuron and @sam @tolgn1907


I hardly feel like 2 new accounts is a cause for concern, we have many more users idling in our telegram and following our twitter account than are signed up on our forum so I do not think it is that far-fetched to think that we may get some new users voting.

Yes, forum voting is fair from perfect but this is not a vote that is deciding the future of Saturn DAO :joy: so I do not think we have to worry too much! I can say from admin point of view there is nothing linking these accounts together.

I will monitor how things progress :ok_hand:


It’s not needing proof…It doesn’t take CSI work to see that something isn’t right. It could be coincidence, but it’s pretty amazing that someone would create an account, and go directly to vote for a logo, when they have no idea what’s going on in Saturn.Network. It’s laughable. :rofl: <—like that.
Think about it…That account had zero likes given/received and never looked at anything in the forums…they just went straight to the voting and voted for yours @zeebo@sam, you know how many users are creating accounts these days… If the contest was setup correctly, there would have been a mechanism to where newly created accounts couldn’t vote beyond a certain date… Oh well, I guess we’ll just have a bunch of new random users voting in the poll. derp I really like Saturn network and the devs, but the contest was not setup correctly, if we are to take it seriously. Thanks for your time


I am pretty confident with our platform’s ability to deal with fake accounts. I do not see why new users should not be allowed to vote, having a “cooldown” for when they can vote wouldn’t really help anything. Anyhows, you were aware the winner was going to be decided by a forum vote, that was announced when we started the contest.

In regards to why more accounts have been created the past few days, I think it is more to do with our requirement of making a forum discussion thread if you want your token’s logo to appear on our exchange.

In any case @zeebo has let me know he has been promoting Saturn Network and the contest to other groups where he is a known member & does not have a risk of being banned. I do not see a problem with this, one of the point of the contest was to spread our project around while having some fun. If you would like to promote your entry to your friends, feel free to do so :slight_smile:


How abt an apology @Anita.Lotta.Crypto… you had no poof and accused me of making fake accounts and wanted everyone to shame me. You should really think about what you are saying in a public forum because this is a really big accusation. Sortmanship is very important part of any competition. I didn’t even make a big fuss when I accidentally voted for you … YES YOUR FIRST VOTE BY ME… Anyways please refrain from accusing people and spreading misinformation … I believe we all are in the same boat and want this project succeed …I am one of the early Ico invester and I have been promoting this project where I can. I have been in this space for allmost 2 years now … I am a miner and firmly believe we are on to something here. To make you feel any better i won’t promote this project until the end of this comp. I wish you all the best


Thank you for your unwavering support all this time. Every little bit helps and we are very grateful to have been able to touch people’s lives in a positive way along our journey. Hope you will keep supporting us for years to come.

That said, are you trying to punish @Anita.Lotta.Crypto by… not spreading the good word about the work that we do at Saturn?


Remember, this whole competition was a community endeavor, initially started by @tolgn1907, and it is simply a fun way to kill some time during the cold winter months while the dev team is busy staring at our screens and optimizing the shit out of our exchange, and creatively express how you feel about Saturn and what this name means to you. There are no plans to use these images any time soon, although I would like to see a Telegram sticker pack with all of the contributions included.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who made time to think about Saturn and contribute a logo, and it hurts to see our community fight :broken_heart:




Nobody likes cheaters, but shouldn’t we wait until the end of the contest to protest? Before we go accusing people we should be damn sure there is no doubts and solid proof. I think the Saturn Team has a handle on this and we should all be trying to get new people to vote. If a person has an entry and they get out there and hustle to get people in their circle to come make an account and vote for them, that is a good thing. If you have an entry and you are making up fake accounts to vote for yourself, you will be found out. Hopefully, all the entrants have integrity and play by the rules and we all know right from wrong. I say let it play out and at the end if a contestant feels the winner cheated let them file a protest. We shouldn’t need a bunch of rules for a simple contest. This comment is mostly for @Pextron, need more popcorn? lol #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


No, a beer to cheers with you would be better now :slight_smile: <3