Does it make sense to launch Radex on Ethereum Classic?


I noticed there are some ICOs happening in the ethereum classic world, and thus there are some tokens that need to be traded.

By virtue of being 100% decentralized we can trivially port Radex across blockchains. The only prerequisite is that you need to have a compatible browser, and ClassicMask chrome extension provides just that.

Shall we make an effort to port Radex to Ethereum Classic? What do you think?


Definitely, yes.

Ethereum Classic provides the same functionality as Ethereum and there are already some tokens. Since the commission (avg GasPrice * cost of 1 ETH) in Ethereum is 200 times higher, it is likely that someone would like to place their token contracts on the ETC in future.


Interresting article about ETC Projects.


very outdated, almost a year old. We need a 2018 edition of “Tokens on ETC”


yes thats true. soon we have a working DEX on ETC, so im looking optimistic into future. devs will come. its always about demand / supply.