eBOMB (POW) 0.5% Deflationary on ETC chain



eBOMB (POW) is a deflationary token (0.5% per transfer) on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. eBOMB is an improvement over existing deflationary tokens due to the combination of:

  • Security on an immutable ledger (ETC) with long term plans to remain POW

  • 18 decimals (21,000,000 initial coin supply)

  • First in class on ETC blockchain

PM dev on Telegram for an Airdrop:

Blockscout explorer:

Saturn DEX info:


Welcome! Glad to see this project being ported over to ETC, wondered when it would turn up. Though would have liked to see the token contract being updated to ERC223 :wink:

Good luck! Hope to see a website and social media presence set up soon, BOMB success on ETH is really down to the community building.

Make sure you upload your token logo here: https://github.com/saturn-network/assets if you need any help let me know. Thanks!


Thanks Sam. I submitted the request to github to add the logo. Github page is active for the website and started a twitter account. As you said, the success will depend on a community to spreading the word.


The market already looks quite healthy, with orders on both sides! Consider also running a market making bot


More on the airdrop for eBOMB:

The Decentralized Airdrop Mechanism

Airdrops have suffered from distribution to recipients who rush to sell resulting in rapid accumulation by a minority who play the other side of this scenario. This results in poor coin distribution and a weak community. A steady, sustained and methodically delayed airdrop can mitigate this problem to a certain extent but is then hindered by the existence of a single address holding an unreasonably large percent of the coin supply. eBOMB proposes a Decentralized Airdrop Mechanism to ensure proper coin distribution In short, 0.5% of supply will be distributed to 100 Trusted Distribution Custodians . There is indeed an element of trust here; and they will be entrusted with the mission of airdroping half of this amount to many (~100 individuals). Legendary Genesis Custodians will be chosen based on recognition in the community for their contributions to Ethereum Classic, the Saturn Network, ETC tokens or other demonstrated acheivements relevant to the mission. They will each be sent 1% of coin supply and entrusted with the task of a slow sustained airdrop of half the amount they received. The remaining half is to keep; or sell, or donate, burn, etc.

Message me if interested in the airdrop.


Consider airdropping to Saturn Genesis


We have added this token to https://Dappdirect.net! Congratulations, you can now see how many users it has.

It is recommend to get a free security audit from Callisto, to verify the safety of your token.

Good luck!


Good project