Ecoin aims to unlock the incredible power of ‘Network Effect’ by onboarding billions of users worldwide and trigger crypto mass adoption

World’s Biggest & Simplest free crypto giveaway has begun!

Acquired 2 Million+ users in just 30 days & set a start-up record as fastest growing crypto!

op 15,000 Ranking Alexa Logo

Interviewed on Reuters Alexa Logo

  • Ecoin wants to celebrate this success by helping Coronavirus Victims!
  • Earn 600 Ecoins (previously 750) for signup and 600 Ecoins (previously 750) for referring your friends.
  • Going forward, For every person that signs up and earns 600 free Ecoins ( worth $3.3 ),
    Ecoin foundation will donate 90 Ecoins ( worth $0.5 ) to a charity of your choice.
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Hey @lakenside welcome and thank you for sharing news around airdrops.

I just wanted to say, while we are more than happy for you to promote projects and airdrops using your referral or affiliate links, please write some information about the project. Some thoughts on the token and why you like it, so our community has something to read. Not just about the airdrop details or conditions.

Tell us what is ECOIN and why you want to help the project for example :slight_smile:

Just dropping one link and saying its an airdrop is not enough, so that is why I have deleted some of your topics.

Provide information so our users can do their own research, thanks!

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Noted, will update.