Elitium (EUM) - Luxury Lifestyle Platform



Elitium (EUM)

Elitium provides a luxury lifestyle platform for its clientele using a sustainable cryptocurrency solution.

We aim to deliver a new customer experience in the luxury industry by offering consumers an all-inclusive lifestyle platform with access to a wide range of luxury goods and services. Participants of the platform will be able to purchase their preferred luxury brands through a secure, fast and easy to use payment service on the blockchain.

Besides, we focus on innovating other businesses on the platform through smart contract applications with the support of the main technology partner EOS. The unique EOSIO smart contract technology enables Elitium to include our lifestyle partners in the innovation journey and introduce highly automated business processes of e.g. execution of contracts, customer requests, rentals or refunding.


Welcome! I read on your website this is an ERC223 Ethereum token? Maybe you could provide some more information such as the contract address?

Feel free to list your token on our exchange :slight_smile:


Yes, the listing is done, :grinning:
We are actually finalising the white Paper and Website with the most up-to-date content.


Great to hear, good luck and keep us posted!


Hi, Following our recent conversation about our need to update our smart contract to a new version, i’m posting this request to an update over our listing to relocate the data/logo to the new contract.

I’m right now submitting the new data to your exchange, Thanks again for your help




I believe that such platforms will be in great demand in the future. I will continue to monitor the development of the platform!


Tokens already on exchanges? Tell me please where can I buy them now?


I hope so. If the team is able to implement the project but we will soon be able to see rapid growth.


Hey. Where can I get a wallet or on which wallets do you recommend storing these tokens?


Why use a blockchain based solution?


Have there been sales rounds? And I would like to know how much money was collected.


EUM is already listed on Saturn Network, you can find their orderbook here:


You need to be using an Ethereum dApp browser to use our exchange, maybe you have used MetaMask before? If not here is a list of wallets that you can use:

That should help you also @Young, I would recommend Saturn Wallet or Trust App as they support ETH & ETC.

@Elitium seems like you have some questions about your project to answer! :wink:


What do you use your own currency for? And what advantages does it have for users?


Where is this company registered? And does it have any licenses or patents?


Hi, great project. Tell me where can I buy some tokens? What exchanges are they added now?


I tweeted at elitium to come answer your questions in this thread. Hopefully we shall find out the answers soon!

As far as where to buy the tokens @Young - here. Using a 1-tx decentralized exchange would be the safest option, and it’s much easier to use than what you’re used to! Just make sure you have one of the supported wallets.


The project looks great from a technical point of view. I will continue to follow the news from the team. Good luck to you!:sunglasses:


I also really liked the blog posts. you can see that the team is very active


Interesting project, but I would like to see @Elitium answer some of these queries before I can safely invest.

Also what was the change of token contract for?