Elitium (EUM) - Luxury Lifestyle Platform



about the contract is a very good question colleague. But I think we should wait for answers from the administration.


Are there any publications in the media about this project?


I follow the blog of the project and I must say that the team has achieved a lot. Although some materials are difficult to understand for me):blush:


However, this is one of the worthwhile projects this year. Since the team shows excellent results.


Is an ERC20 Token so you can hold it in metamask, mist, myetherwallet… etc…


Based and registered in Gibraltar and license in Switzerland


By the way let me introduce myself. I am CryptoSam, living in the Netherlands and around in crypto since 2016. First coin i bought was Emercoin. Until the early 2017 i bought small portions of crypto and HODL it until now. So its a wintertime period for me.
I am happy to answer question from you all about the Elitium project. We have been working almost 18 months already on it. Big media campaigns will be launched soon. Also my buddy CyberCryptotrader is involved in the project, the technical guy!
Check https://www.elitium.io/faq/


Thank. Nice to know that you are such a specialist. But you are not an official representative?


Hello Alsopp, we are working hard on the project to deliver the first demo app in February. Meanwhile we are live on Saturn Network and many more exchanges to follow in the next few weeks/months.


About media publications, yes:




I just read the whitepaper, if the team can pull this off it would be AMAZING.

When did you do the ICO ?

Are you planning any major exchanges in the near future ?


Hello Scubasteve,

We updated the smart contract to ensure it’s compatible with all (major) exchanges, therefore we changed it and made the code simpler to integrate smoothly with for example Saturn Network.


Hey cocoonche 90,

Elitium had no ico. We are in contact with several exchanges. According the Roadmap you can expect some listings in q1/19.




Sweet that is nice to hear :slight_smile: Saturn Network is now listed on Coinpaprika also so be sure to add EUM to their site:



Good to hear