Emerald Coin-The first cryptocurrency based on physical emerald mining-

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Emerald Coin is an ERC 20 smart contract that is the first cryptocurrency based on physical
emerald mining, as it is launched by a Colombian company Torre Fuerte S.A.S. With its own emerald
mine, the company is located in Bogotá, Colombia, South America, and the emerald mine is located in
the western part of the department of Boyacá-Colombia, South America.

This cryptocurrency was created to enhance business for to the company, because this company wants to
extract, process and sell beautiful Colombian gemstones.

This cryptocurrency will be used to buy and sell Colombian emerald gemstones, that are known as the purest and the more valuable kind of emerald in the world, and to be used in traditional commerce in
exchange houses, in other words, we will modernize the business of valuable gemstones.

The reason why Torre Fuerte S.A.S. Looking for enhance business is because, Colombia is living a very positive
moment for mining, medium and large scale, with great privileges for foreign investors, which will
result in global business with great returns for both the company and for The investors.


Welcome! Glad you found us :slight_smile: if you need any help to list EMRDC on our exchange please follow this guide:

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Hello, I tried to follow that guide and it was very difficult for me to list my cryptocurrency, how can I do it in an easier way?


First you will need to install an Ethereum dApp browser, this is required to trade on Saturn Network and interact with its smart contract. If you have never used a dApp browser before I recommend using our own Saturn Wallet:

If you already have a preferred dApp browser such as MetaMask or Trust, those will work perfectly also. Once you have your dApp browser set up, make sure you have some ETH available & some EMRDC tokens in your wallet.

If you browse our exchange and open any token’s orderbook, you will notice the URL always follows the same format:


So to list Emerald Coin, you simply insert your token’s contract, so this would be the link:


If you have done everything correctly you will be greeted with a blank EMRDC / ETH orderbook which looks like so:

Then simply click the Create Order button on the right and follow the steps to create an order. Once the first order has been created for EMRDC, then it will appear in the full assets list:


Let me know if you need any further help!