ERC-223 XBV utility token


Hello, I would like to introduce you XBV ERC223 Ethereum-based token standard.

XBV ERC223 The stablility of the token price is achieved thanks to multiple digital asset, technology and services solutions for its business verticals: Healthcare, FinTech (includes insurances) Foods (includes Cannabis, Tequila) Infrastructure/Utilities Logistics Sports & Entertainment (Gaming) Non Profits and NGO’s.

Already distributed: 42,068, 441.

On the project’s web page you will find also our team bios and whitepaper.

Let me know what are your thoughts about our project and I would like to encourage you to vote for us in order to be listed on Radex.

We would love to have XBV Token listed at Redex.

Saturn Wallet v1.0.3 - v1.0.5 changelog

Welcome! Great to see another ERC223 token :slight_smile: will check it out!

We are always looking for more ERC223 tokens to list on Radex, so please go ahead and check if your token is definitely ERC223 following this tutorial, thanks!


Samr - it is definitely an ERC223 token - what are the next steps to get it listed?



Cool! Great to hear, could you explain the relationship between XBV token and Is there one?


I am the CTO of XBV/BlockVentures - and am working with coinmaya on this project - please let me know if you have any questions!


I am working with to get the XBV token on their exchange - is there anything you require from me moving forward?


Thanks for the quick reply and info! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Could you provide us your tokens contract address on Etherscan? And also a 200x200 version of your logo on a transparent background.

I will ask our development team to audit your smart contract and if it looks all fine, then we should be able to go ahead and list your token. I’ve noticed though that XBV does not seem to have any social media presence? Is that correct?



Samr -

Here is the url to the contract:

No social media presence as of yet - but that will indeed be added shortly.

Thanks for your quick responses!


Please don’t hesitate with any further questions!


@coinmaya @johneisberg


Excellent - thank you for the quick turn-around! … excited for the future here!


I have 1000 XBV I’d like to sell.


You can create a sell order on Radex, I recently made a series of video tutorials on our Youtube channel that goes over everything you need to know. If you have never used an Ethereum browser then I recommend starting with our guides going over Saturn Wallet first.


Nice😂 good