ETC Odyssey - Beta Testing now Live

ETC Odyssey is now live on Beta - Ropsten & Kotti testnets

Welcome to ETC Odyssey, where we present a Ethereum Classic (ETC) Idle/RPG airdrop game dApp experience. Register to play with a small fee using a compatible Ethereum Classic dApp browser wallet. Upgrade your ships to avoid raiders looking to steal your Dark Matter & Star Dust. Fuse in game StarDust for a percentage of the pot or convert your StarDust for ONEX Network tokens sent with 1 transaction to your wallet.



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My apologies to whoever we blasted out of the galaxy!

Can easily try beta on Kotti testnet with Saturn Wallet, just get some kotti testnet coins here:

Well done @Highlander everything seems to be working smoothly for me and I think with the option to convert to ONEX tokens that will make it a popular game.

For feedback, here is what i could think of:

  • After I closed the page and came back my previous raid had disappeared, i think some sort of raid history section might be a cool feature to add. So i can brag :smiley:
  • When I sign the register transaction, you could take a nickname to be assigned to the wallet address. This could make it funner for raiding to see vessel name and could lead to a leaderboard of some sorts?

All in all good stuff! Happy to see a new ETC Dapp :slight_smile:


Good to hear feedback Sam, thank you… Thanks for posting the KottiFaucet I did forget to add it to this thread.

Yeah I wanted a way to fairly distribute ONEX to community, this would of been great during the launch of project. Now that we are a bit over a year into project. People will just have to put in a little bit of work to get ONEX from game.

I will say, I know the game charges a registeration fee of 0.1ETC but this way players that just like to play DIV games can have there fun also. The game is ruthless though, the more ppl play you’ll get that idea… I think if quite a lot of ppl start playing the game there is a sort of FOMO that could arrive lol…

  • Yes I did want to bring this forth I even questioned about it but at the time I didn’t know if It was a good idea to add or if my budget even fit this in.

    My opinion, I would love to see something like this… So I will try and add these features if possible. This would help in marketing so I can give incentives to those that rank also.
  1. Top players per acquired Stardust
  2. Raid History

Names I didn’t really think about but this could be a cool feature also, I like… I know of a contract that was create to make names for when registering to play a dapp. This contract could be use on multiple dapps so your name can be used upon dapp to dapp… This would be nice to create.

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