ETC Shout | Top 10 messages for Humanity

ETC Shout

Categorized list of Top 10 messages for humanity, have a project or token you feel proud to tell the world about. Pay a small amount of ETC and leave your message for Humanity but if someone feels more strongly and wishes to pay more they can out rank your position on leaderboard. Goodluck!

for more games or to learn more about us:


Nice! Very sleek looking :wink:

Small UI fix needed as amount says TOMO on the board.


Ahh Okay I will fix this… You know you stare at something all day and still miss stuff obvious, I’m a little embarrassed I missed this though… Thank you


Don’t worry, great job on all the releases! It is working fine :slight_smile:

Is the version released on TomoChain part of Highlander Network also? :open_mouth:

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I created it first just to only release on Tomo because I was bored 1 day doing the normal thing. I thought about it and decided to release it on ETC also. So yes but I didn’t advertise it on Highlander Network.