ETC wallet how to copy received wallet

How to copy ETC wallet for receive my airdrop token please help me.

Welcome! Check out our video series on youtube it will teach you everything you need to know for using Saturn Wallet.

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How to get Trust wallet holders?

Check this tutorial, it will help you set up Trust Wallet to use on Saturn Network DEX:

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confusse, where adrres… can i use metamask to receive airdrop

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If you are expecting an airdrop for eth tokens open metamask and go to this page
If you are expecting an airdrop for ETC Token use a wallet like Trust for Mobile or Saturn Wallet for desktop.
If you received an airdrop it will show on that page. See this also: How to claim your airdrop

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Not for any ETC token, MetaMask does not support Ethereum Classic. Try out our Saturn Wallet extension, you will find it very familiar to MetaMask and it supports Ethereum & Ethereum Classic.

Just note you cannot have MetaMask & Saturn Wallet enabled at the same time, they interfere with each other so either disable MetaMask in your extension manager or alternatively consider using Saturn Wallet on a second browser.

And remember you can also import your MetaMask account directly into Saturn Wallet: