fomo3d implemented on etc



We highly recomend reading the players guide at the botoom of the page before investing.

We did our best at bringing FOMO3D to ETC, there a few changes so make sure you read the rules. Enjoy!

Before playing this game please check this post and warning:


Well done!


thank you! more to come form us over the next few weeks stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice to hear! Great to finally have some active ETC developers :slight_smile: try posting your dApps on ETC subreddit also if you have not already!


Thank you, Yeah trying to bring some more over from eth, its pretty easy to convince them since we have such a fast and open network, everyone loves Cheap GAS!


It has come to light that the founders of this ETC game claimed their smart contract is vulnerable to an exploit and then started a new project. They also claimed that it was an issue for also however when challenged could not reproduce the vulnerability. All in all it looks like some poor attempt of spreading FUD and trying to cause p3c’s users to panic & move over to their new smart contract(which I am not going to link.)

Kind of sad as I think with a couple more casino like dApps they could have dominated the space, I mean it is not like there is hundreds of ETC dApps currently live!

All in all I would recommend not playing this game.


Statement from P3C:

New etc dapp, uses saturn wallet