ETH Price and perspectives


CEO Binance believes to the appreciation of the dollar. He is also convinced that the market of crypto-currencies can grow even more than 1000 times. I continue to buy the ETH and ERC-20 tokens.


If the vast majority of ICO’s still accept ETH as the main currency from investors, there’s definitely a future for ETH. Some are calling for sub-$150 per ETH, and I can definitely see that as a possibility. DOGE is something worth paying attention to. I feel like everything that’s paired with DOGE for trading, could be in for some painful short term future pricing…on Cryptopia, ETH/DOGE was trading @ 150,000Doge per ETH, last I checked, it was @ 35,000Doge per ETH. Forget EOS, DOGE is the killer for alts. A few people believe DOGE will be at 10 cents here pretty soon, but i’m not sure. I find it best to find that magic trading pair or two or three, and stick with whatever that is, and day-trade my way out of red territories. Take all the profits you can before the profits take youuuu!!! :slight_smile:


ETH is currently recording slight drops, but I think that the bigger the declines, the better the opportunity to invest in the future.