Ethereum Classic Hard Cap Reached


We are very happy to announce that our Ethereum Classic hard cap has been reached! We have now sold 15% of Saturn Classic's total token allocation and raised 3000 ETC.

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Noooo… I’m very sad to see this. I was going to send funds two nights ago, but was distracted and didn’t get to it. I had July 31st in my head as the cutoff date. Is there any other way I can contribute to the DAO and earn dividends as a holder? I’ve held ETC for 5 months and I was hoping to get involved in every project on the ETC chain. Can you please message me or respond? I would really like to get picked up. Please let me know. Love you -LV :slight_smile:


That’s the whole point of crypto - limited supply. Now the tokens are sold! You can either buy them from someone else on Radex or you can invest in ETH sale and get Saturn Classic airdropped in 1-to-1 proportion.


Hi, Neuron. Please help clarify this for me. If I invested 1 ETH into the Saturn ICO, when the Saturn Classic airdrop is performed, I will recieve 1 Saturn Classic? Please and thank you, sir.


Our multi chain airdrop formula is 1-to-1 proportion, this means you will receive the same amount of Saturn Classic tokens as the amount of SATURN tokens you bought during the ICO. You can find the full details and some examples here.

Remember to be eligible for our multi airdrop formula you have to buy SATURN tokens before October 1st.